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Getting to know my products!

Let’s get to know my products better!

First up, the herringbone and twill fabrics! Who doesn’t love these!?

These are my heaviest linen ring slings and wraps as the linen weighs 310 gsm making them great for carrying heavier babies, but also so perfect for newborns as they get so soft and buttery.

Because they are heavier, they require a little more breaking in.  How should you do this? Linen likes friction and a little bit of warmth to get it soft. 

I really enjoy using these fabrics during the fall and winter seasons! They make a great extra layer when babywearing, keeping them comfortably warm and snug.  If you are running after a toddler, these can be fashioned as a very stylish scarf until your little one is too tired to walk or run anymore.

Linen is very easy care; spot wash or throw it in the washing machine on 30 (delicate cycle).  Once done, lay flat or hang dry.  No worrying about if you have to get a dirty little one up in the ring sling or wrap during these wet and sometimes muddy winter days.

If you don't have a herringbone or twill ring sling or wrap in your stash, you will want to add one and never let it go!

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