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Super mom days

Do you ever have days where you feel like super mom?

The house is clean, the dishes put away, the dishwasher reloaded for the 100th time, the laundry is somehow miraculously done, and not only are your snacks on point, but the kids aren't whining to just sit in front of the TV.  

Some days are like this.. not all.  And they probably shouldn't be, but the days that do turn out like this, I end up sitting there shocked and wondering when the other shoe will drop.  What did I do so right today that everything else is going so smoothly?

Yesterday was one of these days.  No one was sick, everyone had slept well, Sam had a great day at preschool, Oscar and I had a great day at home, and the rest of the afternoon went so smoothly.  After picking up Sam from preschool, (which by the way, he had whined a little on the way to school saying he didn't want to go and wanted to come back home with Oscar and I),he didn't even want to leave when we came to pick him up, we stopped by the store to pick up our package which excited him.

I had ordered some fun items from Panduro to restock our craft drawer.  New, colorful construction paper, glue sticks, stickers, and a craft tube filled with lots of fun items for your kid's crafting needs (colorful toothpicks, felt pieces, small styrafoam balls, gems, beads, pipe cleaners, and more).

I have always been a crafty person and have waited for the day that Sam would sit still long enough to color, paint, or craft with me.  Well, yesterday was that day.  I couldn't believe how long he sat and just... CRAFTED!  He colored, glued on small flowers, and carefully placed stickers on the paper.  I asked him who he was making this creation for.  We went through the usual suspects; daddy, ma-ga, pa-ga, auntie Maddy, farmor, farfar?? Nope.  He said he was making it for himself!  I thought that was so great!

That was such a highlight for me.  We had crafted for a good amount of time for a almost 2 1/2 year old, had a yummy snack without fighting, played with Oscar, and cooked dinner without anyone throwing a temper tantrum or complaining they needed their binkie.  Mind you Oscar is only almost 10 months old, so a little whining and binkie time did happen, but the fact that we had a very smooth day felt great.  I felt I had done a good job of being a mom.

I don't have this feeling EVERY day as I'm sure all moms can relate.  Some days we are more sleep deprived than others, the coffee isn't strong enough to tolerate our toddlers temper tantrums over putting clothes on because we live in Sweden and it's cold, or maybe the baby is just very cranky and wants to be constantly held.  Those days are more common than the super mom feeling days but not all bad either.

If you know me, I grew up with OCD tendencies.  I kept my room very clean and orderly and had some trouble dealing with things out of place.  I'm not sure if I grew out of it as I got older, some of it disappeared quickly during my college years (too much other fun stuff to do than worry about order and tidiness), but I started letting more of those tendencies go.  It really because less important after Sam was born.  I learned not to care as much if the house was a bit messier or if chores went undone for a day or two.

With two under two, I really had to pick and choose.  What was more important?  Stressing about what needed to be done or keeping the kids happy.  This is not to say that I didn't clean because that is also very important to my sanity too.  I can't relax if the basic things aren't done- the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded, some rooms picked up or tidy, and the kitchen ready for the next mess to be made.  I am very much in love with our robot vacuum cleaner that my husband got us for Christmas a few years ago.  It is a time and stress saver.

I still find myself thinking, "how do they do it?" when I see moms (mostly on social media) showing off their clean homes, their kids who aren't fighting, but playing nicely together or doing a pedagogical activity, and they themselves look stunning.  But I think we all have to find our balance.  Not all days are 110% days, but 50% days and that has to be okay too.

Today, I'm glad I got a shower and everyone got fed!


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