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Annas Tvåleri Shampoo Bars

I started using shampoo bars that I had found while back in the states in the fall/winter of 2018 and loved it!  Before I had been using Head and Shoulders or other shampoos that were already in the shower.  I kept thinking, of course my scalp gets dry again soon after, otherwise Head and Shoulders would be bankrupt.  I also found my hair getting greasy really fast and would not want to touch it once I had washed it.

Once I had used up the ones I had brought back, I was on the hunt for a similar or better product here in Sweden.  I happened to find Annas Tvåleri (formally Annas Kuckelimuck) randomly on Instagram one day while looking though other profiles.

I had purchased in Sylke u Rosenmarin as I thought I had greasy hair and dandruff.  It was a long first six months of washing with this shampoo bar.  I have a lot of thick hair so brushing was a nightmare until I read about how to rinse with a vinegar/water solution. 

I used to have to wash my hair every other day otherwise it looked greasy and dirty.  I first started stretching it to washing every third day, then I could make it four days, and then five days!  Aftering using Sylke u Rosenmarin for about 6-7 months, my hair looked so much healthier and it had so much more volume!  And no more grease right after washing it.

What I have found is that during the summer, when it's warmer and therefore you sweat more, I need Sylke u Rosenmarin to keep my scalp from getting greasy or fat build up.  Once it starts to get cooler, my scalp needs a little more fat to keep it from getting dry so I switch to Ölskäum!  I have also tried Kärlaiksäpple during the summer, but I found it was also too fatty to use.

Why I love shampoo bars!? Wash your hair less, great for the environment (wash less, less water, less plastic), great for busy moms (especially those with thick and lots of hair like myself who don't have time to dry it once you wash it), and seriously amazing looking hair!  I know it seems rough having to fight through at least six months of crazy hair changes while your hair and scalp get use to a natural way of washing.  If you have any questions, you should check out @annas_tvaleri!  She's so in to the science of soaps and has great tips!


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