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Behind the scenes

Want a look behind the scenes at my work room?

It's nothing fancy, but it does the job.  My work space is actually our guest room, soon to become our master bedroom (most likely next spring/summer as we are quite tired of renovating for now and don't enjoy doing projects like that in the winter).

I do what I can with the space I have.  I have the one room for cutting, ironing, and storing products.  The other room is where I have fabric and my sewing machine and most recently, serger, which I love so much and don't know how I've lived without!

I think it's fun to see how it looks behind the instagram fasad for small businesses.  It's not always clean and organized as we would like, but we make do with what we have! Hopefully by the time we start working on this as our bedroom I will have found a better room or office space outside of our home, but it is such a special place for me.

This is where Ring Slings by Claire was born and has grown from a hobby to a small business.


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