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Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em...

After Sam was born, my period came back after only 4 months! I was so sad.  I had looked forward to period free living until he stopped nursing at least.  After Oscar, I didn't see Aunt Flow again until 10 months later (even though he nursed until about 13-14 months).  And now with little Elias, hello period after only 3 months!! 

Period free life was seriously something I looked forward to with pregnancy!  It was definitely one of the small perks.  After so many years together, I had become very comfortable with my period and I have been fortunate to have a VERY nice period.  It always came on time, usually down to the exact day it was predicated to come (I'm sure most of you have a period app on your phone and know what I mean).  And it was always 5-6 days; lighter the first two days, heavy, and then light again, with very little cramping or other PMS.

After Sam, it got quickly back to that period I know and love.  The period after Oscar was born was a bit unpredictable, but I only had to deal with it for a few months before I got pregnant with Elias.

Anyway, now!  Now, after only 3 shorts months after Elias was born, my period came back and I started birth control again for the first time since 2015 and my period is not the one I grew to know.  I had tested out a menstrual cup when my period returned after Oscar's birth and quickly fell in love!  Whyyyy had I not had this before!? I haven't tested other brands, but I love the small business FlowCup which donates a menstrual cup with each purchase and has a great focus on customer service!

That love for this product still holds today as a busy mom of three little ones. It took me a period to get the hang of it again, but once you figure out the right position for you, it's a life saver.

I'm sure many other moms can relate that everything else comes before our own needs and sometimes that can mean a bit longer wait for a trip to the bathroom so you can get the laundry hung up while lunch is cooking.  And then one of your little ones has to go to the bathroom and maybe has an accident because we didn't make it to the potty in time, which means you have to help them, get new clothes, clean up the mess, and get back to the lunch on the stove before it burns. The wet laundry can wait.  Oh yea, and you had to go to the bathroom, which during your period, if you're using tampons and/or pads, can be quite time sensitive to avoid your own accident and change of underwear (and pants depending on the flow).

This is not a paid advertisement!  This is me supporting a product that I love and that deserves all the great feedback it can get!  When that fun time of the month comes around, I'm not as discouraged.  I know it is less painful, less of a burden on my mind, because I can insert it in the morning and not think about it for about 12 hours.  If I know or feel that I'm having a heavy flow then I'll check it around 10 hours to make sure it's not full.  I have also started using it at night, which is also such a #momhack, #womanhack.  Spread the word! No more worrying at night if you'll wake up with a bloody mess.

My original reason for wanting to test a menstrual cup was to A)lower the amount of waste that our household produces and B)have a more convenient method to contain my period.  Tampons are nice and all, but you have to change often, sometimes you go to someone's home where there isn't a trash can in the bathroom (not super common, but I've experience more than once and it's the shittiest experience- don't put it in the toilet!), and if you're on an outing, especially with kids, bathroom breaks aren't always convenient or available depending on the adventure.

I like not having to worry about my period if I go to the beach for a few hours with the boys or on a day trip.  I can be certain that my FlowCup is doing it's job so I can do mine.  Be sure to give yourself time to learn how to use it before planning a big hiking/camping trip for it's first test run!  

Go in and check them out!  I have a 44ml size, recommended for those who have delivered vaginally, and would encourage their recommendation.  You don't want your cup to be too small (you'll experience leakage).



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