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Choosing the Right Shawl

Which baby wrap is right for you?

All ring shawls and long shawls can be used from newborn to toddler age (3.6-15kg).

Summer/Summer Rain: often between 185-210gsm (gsm= weight of the fabric) making them the thinnest baby wraps. They are great for summer or hot babies and mothers. The thinner slings are easy to use for beginners, newborns and smaller children but can be experienced as providing less relief when the child approaches 15kg, but can still work for shorter carrying sessions in that position.

Solid: 269gsm and the best "all around" wrap as the fabric is still light in the hand but super relieving! This linen fabric has structure and softens quickly, which allows you to comfortably carry newborns to toddlers (max weight 15kg).
Herringbone: 310gsm and my heaviest linen fabric is soft from the start and easy to use for all ages. I like to use mostly during spring, autumn and winter when it becomes a cozy extra layer of fabric. The weight of the fabric means that it relieves the load very well for longer periods with the children who approach the 15kg maximum weight but are soft for super cozy newborn cuddles.

Long shawls have similar properties in the same fabric weight (gsm). Linen fabric is strong and lasts longer if you take care of it.