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My story

My Story: RSBC

Hello! My name is Claire and I run Ring Slings by Claire! I come from California but have lived in Sweden for the past 11 years! I moved here with my husband (who was then just my partner) Niclas after we had met at university! We now have three mischievous boys - Samuel (5.5 years old), Oscar (soon to be 4 years old) and Elias (2 years old).

I fell in love with linen shawls when Oscar was born in May 2018 and my best friend gave me one. Using a ring wrap allowed me to be close to my baby when I ran after Samuel who was about 18 months. I wanted to help other parents keep their little ones close and at the same time have two hands free comfortably and with beautiful colors and patterns in linen that I couldn't find on the market in Europe.

A few months into my maternity leave, one of the many nice things about Sweden, I decided to order a few meters of fabric and rings and make some ring shawls to try to sell . It became more and more popular and I had to switch from hobby business to sole proprietorship in September 2018. My vision is to offer parents with a great tool that is not only comfortable but beautiful and affordable!