How to Use Your Wrap

A long wrap is very adaptable! You can carry tummy to tummy, on your hip, or back!  Here's a list of examples of carries you can do depending on the size of your wrap!

Size 4/ Base -2 (3.6-3.7m)

Front Wrap Cross Carry TUB (FWCC TUB- tied under bottom)

Front Wrap Cross Carry TAS (FWCC TAS- tied at shoulder)

Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry (one shoulder)

Kangaroo Carry

Short Cross Carry

Knotless Front Cross Carry

Jordan's Back Carry

Rucksack Carry

Reinforced Rucksack

Hip Cross Carry

Coolest Hip Cross Carry

Robins Hip Carry

Poppins Hip Carry

Size 5/ Base -1 (4.1-4.2m)

(carries with size 4)

Rucksack Carry Tied Tibetan

Reinforced Kangaroo Carry

Charlie's Cross Carry with rings or Sheprherd's finish

Back Wrap Cross CArry with Ruck Straps

Christina's Ruckless Back Carry

Giselle's Back Carry

Wendy's Double Hammock Carry

Double Hammock TAS (tied at shoulder)

Double Hammock TUB (tied under bottom)

Size 6/ Base (4.6-4.7m):

(carries with sizes 4&5)

Front Wrap Cross Carry

Front Cross Carry

Front Double Hammock Carry

Reinforced Kangaroo Carry

Charlie's Cross Carry

Back Wrap Cross Carry

Double Hammock

Giselle's Back Carry

Double Sling Shoulder to Shoulder (DSS2S)

Rucksack Carry TT (tied Tibetan)

Size 7/Base +1 (5.1-5.2m):

(carries with previous sizes)

Taiwanese Carry

Wiggleproff Back Carry

Norwegian Wiggleproof Back Carry

Jordan's Back Carry 



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