Please read through the safety card thoroughly that comes with your purchase! It is very important to be aware and care for your baby while in the ring sling or wrap!

Some quick tips to keep in mind:

1. Baby is close enough to kiss

2. Baby's airways are free and clear, check to ensure you can place your finger between baby's chin and chest.  If baby's neck is too far back or pressed tightly to chest, it can restrict it's airway

3. Fabric is tight across your back and baby's back

4. When using a ring sling, rings are in a corsage position

5. Baby is sitting in a "M" position for ergonomically correct positioning

6. Check on your baby, especially those under four months

7. If nursing in a wrap or sling, be sure to put baby back in the proper position after

8. Dress yourself and baby according to the weather, this differs depending on the seasons, but a good rule of thumb is one layer less that you would have on a child in a stroller to avoid overheating.  

If you feel uncomfortable or would like expert help, please contact me so I can help you find a babywearing coach in your area!

Please be mindful of what activities you do while carrying your baby!  Children might be able to reach different objects while being carried, use caution.  Be aware of your ring sling tail and the tails of your long wrap as they could catch or create a risk for falling.

Please use caution and be responsible while babywearing.